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Map of the USA

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Texas view of the world?

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Life hacking

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Here, “hacking” means finding a better (perhaps cooler, perhaps non-obvious) way to do something, and I’m a big fan.

(terminology of hacking explained here)

Sites like are focussed mainly on the software side of “life hacking” but others, like focus on the physical – in unusual uses of Ikea products.

My favourite ideas are based on “re-purposing” – the exploitation of loop holes in retailers’ or manufacturers’ products or marketing efforts to obtain working and useful products for a specific purpose at far less than the usual cost.

Usually the modification process is a fun project in it’s own right and often there are communities of willing volunteers on line helping out with ideas to make them work better or test different options.

The best example so far is my dell mini 9 – a 300 GBP fully functioning Apple Mac mini computer at a very low cost and very portable.

Other examples are a free sample pack of different filter papers, supplied by a company which caters to the film industry and supplies those filters in huge size. It just so happens that the free sample pack are cut to just the right size to fit over a regular sized flash-gun on an SLR camera and come in a handy booklet so you can select the best one for colouring your flash.

IkeaHacker shows innovative uses of Ikea projects to solve unintended problems or even do something crazy – for example this pimped chair with underseat heating

Or try these fun photography hacks to take better pictures.

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