Sad old lonely man

On my flight, I’m sat next to a chatty elderly Brit who’s been holidaying in New Orleans with his wife. He joked about a friend of his, now divorced who he says has failed to grow up.
“He’s still young in his head,” my neighbour explains. “He’s just come back from Costa Rica where he was staying at a “Gentleman’s hotel” – not a gay hotel, you understand, but the sort where young females are easy to rent. $80 buys you an hour with a masseuse who will happily walk all over your back and presumably sells other delights too. And that’s what you go to this hotel for.”
He recounts their conversation:

This man’s friend: “It was fantastic, there I was lying naked – and her completely naked too walking all over me. I gave her a little tip at the end”.
This man: “I bet you did,” he laughs, ” that’s all you’ve got these days…”

My neighbour goes on: “I wish he’d grow up, he still thinks he can dick around like he’s 25. He’s going to end up a sad and lonely man unless he commits to a marriage and makes it work.”

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