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Sketch up

Monday, May 28th, 2007

Filled with excitement (and some trepidation) at the fairly imminent prospect of coming into ownership of a small terraced house in Sheen, but at the same time in that annoying limbo before Exchange takes place, we have been planning what we’d like to do regards the layout of the house. (As well as hoping that we don’t get gazumped by the circling vultures looking to acquire it in our place).
It’s a blank canvas since we have to rewire, replumb, replaster and repair and want to take the opportunity, while we’re not living there, to extend it too – a loft extension and a side-return if it’s possible within building and budgetary constraints.
Sketching the ideas on paper got a bit tiresome, so I had cause to try out a few 3D planning tools. I tried out Plan 3D which was great for the purpose except very slow on my laptop. And then I came across SketchUp which is owned by Google and also very good. It’s not as photo-realistic as Plan3D but is very easy to use once you get into it.
So here’s the sketched version:
And the textured version:
… of our proposed design.

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